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Julio A.

Tampa, FL


Contact me for an immediate grade boost and instant grasp and understanding of key concepts to Ace your course!

I am currently a Chemical Engineering undergrad student going into my Senior year. I have earned an A- or higher on all courses specified, have a 3.4 GPA, and love teaching and helping others understand not-so-easy to understand concepts/ideas. I’ve tutored since I was a sophomore in high school (5+ years), so I have great experience working with students. While in college, I have tutored over 40 students towards a better letter grade. Also, I have had internships before within the field of Chemical Engineering. I play basketball for The University of South Florida! #GoBulls I’m also Puertorrican!


I’m available on a contact basis because of my rigorous school/basketball schedule. Contact me and we can set up a meeting time.

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