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Chen G.

Madison, WI


Junior in Comp Sci. I will do my best to make you feel like when you get the answer you're also ready to tutor your peer.

Transferred from Wuhan University (China) to UW Madison. Previous GPA 3.6 (5%), major GPA 3.8. Have special skills for learning, remembering, systematize, and reviewing knowledge. Not necessary for me to even get a tutor job to become tutor lol. I am the person who always grabbed by peers and being asked the question. I'm going to apply the job in Rheta's café tutoring in Madison. Patient, humours and logical.


Live in Chadbourne. Most of the time have to schedule a strict time, but will do best making the time fully used. Also you might need to send your course work and notes so that I could have a good look at the level of difficulty of yoyr material


University of Wisconsin-Madison