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Cameron K.

Stillwater, OK


Hey there learners! I’ve studied calc for 3 years and chem for 2, I’m here to help you learn and help you earn (grades).

Majoring in Chemical Engineering First year sophomore at OkState 3.98 GPA (B in ENGR 1111 only) Floor representative in the Engineering dorm 100% on my Calculus 2 midterm 97% on my General Chem 2 midterm Currently tutor a decent number of students I have been a private tutor for one year in a number of STEM courses such as Physics 1, General Chemistry 1314, Calculus 2144, and Calculus 2153. Through my years of high school I’ve led many Calculus classes due to the fact that our teacher could not effectively explain what it was we were to do. Since college has started, I’ve led a single Calculus 2153 class and have continually been accused of being a TA. As previously listed, I’m a floor representative of the Engineering dorm on campus (Parker Hall) where you can see me tutoring in my off time. Learners have told me that the way I teach is very simple in a way that complex ideas and formulas are made easy to understand. I would like to offer that knowledge unto you, too! If you’d like to learn more just contact me or sign up for my services and I’ll meet up with you whenever it is most convenient. Have a nice day and good luck out there! I’m currently a member of the Honors College and I like to incorporate comedy (mostly puns) and music into my tutoring, and of course, I can say my ABC’s backwards at a nice pace.


Monday and Tuesday past 6:30 are great for me. If this does not work for you still let me know and I can see if I can work you in at another time!


Oklahoma State University