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Khyla B.

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looking for a way to keep what i learned fresh in my mind. So what do you say? i‘ll scratch your back, you scrathch mine.

Hey! I’m a senior graduating with a 3.56 GPA in the biology program. I worked as an intern in the science department and presented my research at the Florida Undergraduate Research Convention (FURC) in 2018. I did fairly well in all my science classes and i really wanna keep all that information fresh in my mind. I’ve tutored before so i have some experience. I wanna help you in any way i can and hey you can beat free am i right. Ive only tutored for a year but i know that everyone has different learning styles. Me personally i learn through unconventional methods. What ever way you learn i will try to accommodate that and hopefully make it fun in the preocess I was a CNA for a few years in high school and that was interesting. For anyone going into the medical field i would recommend it for hands on experience!


Any Wednesday i am free as a bird


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