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Kyle M.

I work as a suppositional instructor in anatomy and neuroanatomy for a medical school and graduate health science school.


I'm certified to work as a suppositional instructors for graduate level anatomy and neuroanatomy because of my BS degree in kinesiology and because of my masters in biomechanics. My undergraduate GPA is 3.8, and masters is 3.8. I have three publications in biomechanic journals. On a daily basis I work with DPT, OT, PA, and medical students in anatomy and neuroanatomy. I have been in my current poison for 4 years, but have tutored for anatomy and neuroanatomy for over 8 years. I have also taught biomechanics at the collegiate level for 4 semesters. I'm a fun and casual person who uses drawing and other active learning strategies when helping students learn material. O, I like mint chocolate chip ice cream, laser tag, and fly fishing. I'm color blind so don't ask me about reds and greens.


My job is full time, but I have a lunch hour from 1pm-2pm, and I'm free after 5pm and on weekends.

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University of Nevada-Las Vegas

Nevada State College

College of Southern Nevada