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Madison R.

Killen, AL


Freshman. Architectural Engineering Major. 3.75 GPA. I'm spanish 353 and Math 115. I know the struggle. I can help you out.

Hey! I'm a freshman at the University of Alabama. I have a 3.75 GPA and tested in the 300 level for Spanish. I have a passion for knowledge and hope to be a help! I tutored a bit (4 years) in high school and still help my friends out here. I've been a Sunday school teacher for 6 and it's made it easier for me to break down concepts for people to understand. Although I know y'all are all pretty smart. I think I'm pretty dang funny so we'll have fun trying to learn together!


Monday's and Friday's after 3; Tuesday's before 2 or 4-6; weekends any time after 10


The University of Alabama

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