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Imani M.

Computer Science Major on Dean’s List willing to help others. Can tutor CS, German, and Math!


I am an upcoming junior majoring in Computer Science with a concentration in Cyber Secure Systems, and a double minor in Math and Psychology. I am on the Dean’s List and have received the S-STEM Scholarship, putting me on track for the Scholarship For Service (SFS) Scholarship. I am also an AI undergrad research student (Intelligent Agents and Strategic Reasoning Laboratory). This summer, I will be interning at Microsoft in Seattle, Washington. My dream is to work within the cyber security field as a Cyber Operations Officer. As a CS major, I understand what it is like to struggle through the coursework. My goal is to make your semester a smoother experience. My expertise is Computer Science, German, and Math. I’m always willing to help anyone who needs it, so feel free to contact me so that we can meet! Private tutor for 3 years. Experienced in CS1 and CS2, as I am currently taking CS3. I was also a peer leader so I understand how to tailor lesson plans depending on your needs. As a member of Google igniteCS, I have mentored high schoolers to not only expose them to the various areas of the Computer Science field, but also help AP Computer Science students pass their exams. I can also teach you tips on passing coding interviews, as I will be interning at Microsoft. My goal is to teach you the skills necessary so that you can apply them efficiently and naturally in the future. I am always looking forward to helping others, so feel free to shoot me a message! I self studied German for a year, and will make it my second language.


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