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I am 31, I've been tutoring math for 6 years, and I love math. But more than that I love seeing others succeed.


I have studied math at Sierra College for 10 years. I have extensive experience working with students with learning chanlenges like dyslexia. In addition to over 6 years of math tutoring experience from arithmetic to calculus. I have worked at Mathnasium for 2 years. Tutored privately for 6 years. I also work with multiple chatter schools. I am a supper need were I love Legos, star trek, and computers. I use these parts of my personality to make math interesting and fun. I understand what it's like not to understand something because of that I can sympathize with my students and give them a personalized experience. Above all my goal is to see everyone find success in mathematics, and success starts with asking for help!


Monday 8am - 8pm Tuesday to Friday 2pm - 8pm

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