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Nathaniel D.

Learn course material and study habits to increase your potential for success. I received a 97+ in each O-chem.


Chemistry for many students at UGA stands between them and their dreams. As a senior chemistry major, I have struggled though the main sequence classes too. The study habits and fundamental course material I have learned equipped me with the skills to aid you in your studies. Meetings with me are meant to provide more than just information you may find in the textbooks. I wish to pass on relevant techniques to develop you as a chemistry student. After graduation, I will pursue a PhD in chemistry at one of the three schools I was accepted to. My research focused on organic synthesis and organometallic chemistry. Relevant academic info: Honors program student, 3.89 GPA, 4.00 honors GPA. 97 or higher in each O-chem.


TR between 10AM and 2:30PM or MWF after 3:45PM. I prefer to meet on campus at a public library, the MLC, or any coffee shop. Off campus availability is limited to coffee shops and libraries.

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