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Nate U.

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4.0 engineering junior. Very knowledgeable in gen physics 1 and gen chemistry. Tutored for two years in high school

Hello, I am a Junior Biochem engineering major with a minor in biomedical engineering and a premed hopeful. I am a 4.0 student on the Dean's list and I can offer very good help in general physics 1 and any gen chem class. I tutored a few family friends in lower level math and high school physics for two years and I'd love to continue to help others! Shoot me a message or request and we can get started as soon as possible! I tutored high schoolers my junior and senior year of high school and got pretty busy with a volunteer research project the last year and a half but I would love to start helping others again! I am a proud native of Elkhorn Nebraska, but will cheer on the buffs in every sport... until they play the huskers! Go Big Red!


Any time after 4 most days. Schedule is always changing but if you message me we can work something out!


University of Colorado Boulder

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