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Julie N.

Tuscaloosa, AL


Double-major: Theatre and International Business. Pre-Law. CREATE path to MBA. Honors College. 3.8 GPA. 2 years experience.

Hi! I’m a freshman at UA, but I spent three years dual-enrolled at Wallace State Community College taking courses through Business Calculus and Microeconomics. English and paper writing are my strongest suits, but I aced all of my collegiate math courses. I enjoy tutoring and am willing to do it over email/text, in person, or video chat. I have tutored for 2 years, 4th grade through college. I also assisted my mother as an ESL tutor for grade school and high school students. I was homeschooled, so I am used to teaching myself. I also was responsible for teaching my brother when my mother had to go back to work during the recession.


Mondays after 5 pm, Wednesday and Thursday after 3 pm. Flexible Weekends


The University of Alabama

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