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Lily C.

Gainesville, FL


I’m Lily! I’m an A student in Eng Comp and have 4 years under my belt in many subjects of Psych (DEP, PSB, PSY, PPE, CLP)

I’m a third year Linguistics major with dual enrollment/AP credits and an A.A. degree, and a 3.7 honor roll GPA. I excel in English Composition (essay help, anyone?) and Psychology (2 years of ENC/ENG and 4 years of PSY, DEP, PSB, and PPE). After my degree I plan to teach abroad for a few years before going into publishing or speech therapy/coaching. If you need help, just ask! I have been tutoring middle to high school age for about three years. I also love writing fiction and have many online followers of my works!


Availability: 9-11am T/Th 2-5pm M/W/F


University of Florida

Santa Fe College

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