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Marlina S.

Athens, GA


Hey! I'm a Special Ed major so I love teaching and give great study tips!

2nd year Special Ed major on the Dean's list. I've only gotten one B so far at UGA (in history), I've aced all my other courses. Graduated from Centennial in the top 10% with 6 AP/duel enrollment courses and a 30 on my ACT. I've tutored and helped my friends in their courses for several years! I've taken 8 years of french and have been tutoring it for 4. I'm an education major so teaching and making learning fun is my specialty! I'm hoping to use my degree in Special Ed to give horseback riding lessons to kids with autism and other special needs! ?


Early morning, late nights, Tuesday Wednesday and Friday afternoons, and any time on the weekends!


University of Georgia

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