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Matthew M.

Renewable Natural Resources and Spatial Sciences dual-major. 3.4 GPA. Let me help you ace your ecology class!


Howdy! I'm a Renewable Natural Resources & Spatial Sciences dual-major (3.4 GPA). I'm also an undergraduate researcher leading a project that studies fish movements in a small stream. In the future, I hope to land a role that affects positive environmental policy changes. I enjoy helping out other students and I want to help you master the concepts you may struggle to grasp. Send me a message or request and we can set up a time to meet! I have two beautiful dogs (a golden retriever and a three-legged German shorthair pointer). I am also an avid mountain biker that doesn't get out to the trails near as often as I'd like.


I am available most evenings and weekends after 2pm.

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Texas A & M University-College Station