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Kelli M.

Monroe, MI


Substance-abuse Counseling/ Bachelors Degree, Summa cum Laude. Clinical Mental Health Grad student 3.89. Published Author

Hello! I am CurrentlyA graduate student studying Clinical Mental health. My undergraduate degree is in substance abuse counseling and I graduated with honors. I did my undergrad internship at a facility for Traumatic Brain Injury clients and taught mindfulness in one of their in house programs. My previous experience is in the health and nutrition field and I have had training in alternative healing modalities for both humans and horses. I worked for six years at an independent newspaper as the assistant to the owner/editor and am a published author, my first book is a documentary style book about the experience of being homeless; titled Forgotten Souls and available on I have penned two fictional books and am awaiting their release by the publisher. I am a very created person and like helping others. I have had a lot of life experience in many different areas of life, such as rodeo, horses, farming, eco tourism, snorkeling, yoga, energy healing, nutrition and exercise, studied ancient religions, worked with a veterinarian, at a nuclear plant, a newspaper, on numerous farms, a tour guide and as a counseling intern, a mindfulness coach, yoga and meditation instructor and a energy healer. I have traveled all over the world and lived in another culture/country for many years.


Monday and Tueaday 12 noon until 7 pm


Eastern Michigan University

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