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Ammara A.

Durham, NC


Biology major and undergraduate research technician. 4.0 cGPA and extensive tutoring experience.

Hello, I'm a junior and Karsh international scholar. I'm majoring in biology with a certificate in science and society and have maintained a GPA kid 4.0 so far. I have also been part of Genome Sciences as medicine scholars and am currently working as a research technician as well. I have been tutoring for quite some time both formally and informally and find it important to make sure my students become able to do the very best. I have 4 years of tutoring experience with a diverse group of students since I am an international student. I joined outcome tutoring my sophomore year. I have extensive experience with tutoring in the biological sciences as well as introductory and organic chemistry. I know how to address each student's individuals needs keeping their strengths and weaknesses in mind and would love to help anyone who's having problems. I'm very passionate about art and can draw very well. I love doing henna designs for fun.


Mmonday, Wednesday, Friday from 10: am to 7:00 pm


Duke University