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Sara T.

College Station, TX


Loveddd Math 141,142 and Econ 202 and I’m happy to help you ACE these courses too:)

Hey I’m a sophomore in Mays Business School planning on declaring Mangement Information System next semester. My GPA was a 3.0 first semester and a 4.0 second semester once i got the hang of college :). My past two jobs entailed a marketing internship and being an Abercrombie Sales Associate. I tend to gravitate towards logistics and numbers which is why I loved Business Calculus, Finitie Mathematics and Econ. Next semester I’ll probably also tutor ACCT 229 which I’m currently in right now. When I’m not tutoring or studying I’m probably working out, volunteering, cooking, going on a food adventure or shopping etc. My goal is for you to fully understand the material and ace your tests! ESFJ-T Aka Consul for Personality Type


Tuesday’s and Sundays all day; Mondays, and Wednesday’s after 4; Friday’s before 1:30


Texas A & M University-College Station