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Lenny A.

New to Philosophy? That's cool! Think it's boring? Yea, sometimes. But together we can bring it to life and understanding.


I am finishing up my undergraduate work in Philosophy, and then have a real chance to go on to grad school. While my GPA is currently around a 3.6, it is not because I struggled in philosophy. I received an AA in philosophy and maintained a 4.0 in my philosophy classes. In the past I have found myself tutoring my peers in class. I am a laid back individual that truly has a passion for this stuff, but hates it when it's just about stuffy old men. If we tutor together I hope to bring enjoyment to your experience, as well as A's. I have been loosely tutoring students for about 2 years. Mostly my classmates who were struggling with class. Outside of my education, I worked as a firefighter/paramedic. While this doesn't directly relate to philosophy, it did involve teaching quite regularly. So, I am comfortable delivering material. At my community college, in Pensacola FL, I helped establish (and was named 1st president) a philosophy club on my campus. It's sad to say, but something unique about me is that I genuinely care about people. I want you to succeed, and I want to give you the resources to make that happen. Other than that, I'm pretty relaxed and strive to make this fun... because philosophy is supposed to be fun.


Tuesdays and Thursdays are pretty restricted for me right now. However, I am willing to make

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University of South Florida

Hillsborough Community College

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