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Phung T.

Ellenwood, GA


Why work harder when you can work smarter? Use your tine efficiently! Let me help you from language to science courses.

Hi! I'm a senior majoring in Chemical Engineering. GPA of 3.66. As an experienced tutor, I have learned how to break down complicated concept into easier pieces of info, which will help students understand the material better. I can help you with English, Korean, Vietnamese, Spanish, and other Math, Chem courses. Leave me a message if you are willing to let me help you. I'm looking forward to hearing from you! I have worked as a tutor for 3 years. Besides, I always help out my friends with their courses on daily basis. I will help you as a friend. I was in your situation so I know clearly how it is. I will not give up as long as you don't.


Any day except for Friday and Saturday. But let me know when you need me. We can definitely figure something out!


Georgia Institute of Technology

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Middle Georgia State College

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