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Connor M.

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I am ahead of many of my peers as I graduated from high school early with my AA degree and took Calculus 1, 2, and 3, and Differential Equations by the time I graduated. I'm currently enrolled at University of Florida and working towards a Masters in Chemical Engineering. With my skills, I decided to become a tutor and assist those in my community and school with the chemistry and math that he/she struggled to understand. I have tutored students and adults for the past three years in these areas. I am currently Tutoring Certified by College Reading & Learning Association. I work at a tutoring center at my Community College, and I enjoy seeing the students I help succeed! When they come back to me with A's on their tests or grasp a concept, I feel good and happy that I could assist with their educational growth. One of my goals after each session is to make sure that the student understand all the material that was reviewed and make sure he/she knows what to continue to review and study before the next session.


I will be available beginning December 14th at 3pm


University of Florida

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