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Landon Z.

Minneapolis, MN


Computer Engineering Major, Math minor. 4.0 GPA. 2 years of experience tutoring math and can help up to diff eq and linear.

Hi! I’m a first year student pursuing my love of math in the 4000-level courses. While I’m looking towards computer engineering as my career path, I’m excited to help other students see the beauty in math as well. I’ve been privileged with nearly two years of experience tutoring math, physics, and chemistry in a learning center environment, encountering students of all levels of proficiency - and I can confidently say that the look on a student’s face when they finally get it is 100% worth the endeavor of teaching even the toughest of concepts. I’m always happy to help on weekends or in the evenings - shoot me a message and we can decide when to get the learning started! In addition to experience working in a learning center where I help tens of students each day, I have tutored individual students for two years on the side. And, of course, I have unofficially been the person to go to among my classmates and friends whenever teachers or professors are unavailable for about as long as I can remember. Ever met a competetive roboticist? Ever even heard of that? Well, when we start workIng together you can say you have. I’ve been doing robotics since I was in second grade - albeit not very well to start off. My first year my team made it to state despite not scoring a single point in one portion of the challenge. But during my senior year in high school, we placed 13th in the nation and 16th in the word. Sure it took a few 40 hour weeks of practice, but it was worth it.


Weekends: I’m pretty flexible Monday/Wednesday/Friday: after 5:30 pm Tuesday/Thursday: after 3:30 pm As a note for every day, sleep is important! Those overnight study sessions won’t make new things stick as well as one earlier in the evening.


University of Minnesota-Twin Cities