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Matt J.

Junior Astrophysics physics major and biomedical research minor, 3.923 GPA


I'm a Junior majoring in Astrophysics minoring in Biomedical Research. Weird mix I know. I have a 3.923 GPA, I have been conducting neuroscience research since my Sophomore year at UCLA, and have been tutoring math for four years and chess for one. I hope to become a physicist one day, exploring the nature of the universe and/or helping to advance human space exploration. I like to simplify challenging conundrums, and help others do the same. Why don't you just go ahead and request me. Math tutor for 4 years. Can also tutor in physics, chemistry, and life science From Texas, not a cowboy


Available at any time on weekends, and evenings during the weekdays (past 5 pm)

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University of California-Los Angeles