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Jessica U.

Orlando, FL


Every course that I offer, I have personally recieved an A or B. I can help with reviewing content, revise lesson plans, etc.

I am a senior Elementary Education major. I have maintained a GPA of 3.2 or higher throughout my college career. I have kept my spot on the Dean's list through almost every semester in college. I hope to help those who struggle in this major. This assistance includes teaching material, reviewing for tests, revising projects, etc. I have tutored in the past and have experience helping others with academic material. I have helped classmates throughout these courses while taking them myself, so I am familiar with the material and the stress that can be associated with studying. I have tutored with various age groups for a cumulative 5 years. I love getting to know those I tutor. I try to integrate their interests with the material where possible. I know that not everyone learns the same way and am able to interact with the subject matter in multiple ways so that everyone may be able to learn.


M-F 7:00am-10:15am


University of Central Florida