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Josie T.

Athens, GA


Hey! I am currently a sophomore at UGA :). My strengths are in any math up to calc (MATH2250) and Spanish up to (SPAN3010).

I am a psych major with spanish minor and concentration on neuroscience (so a bit of everything!) I have gotten an A in every Spanish course I have ever taken, and the same goes with math. At UGA, I have taken SPAN 2002 & SPAN3010 and MATH1113E (precalc) & MATH2250 (calc). I tutored all throughout high school (so 4 years of experience) and then I took a break for my freshman year of college, but I am ready to get started again! I think it is super fun and I am excited to help you learn & improve!! I like to be a tutor and also act as a mentor. That means if I tutor you, I pretty much will also be there for you whenever you need anything else. I am here to help! I think it is important to have meaningful relationships when it comes to tutoring...I am here to teach you, but I am not here to be a teacher. I would rather be considered a friend/mentor than a teacher/tutor!


I can be available around lunch time on Tuesdays and Thursdays and then on Mondays after 4 and Wednesdays after 3! But if you ever need help I have a pretty flexible schedule and I am sure it would be easy to work something out! I can do weekends too if I am in town!


University of Georgia

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