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Fran Y.

Chapel Hill, NC


Phil and Psyc double major but took a mix of other courses. Native Chinese speaker, but trained for English academic writing.

Hi folks! I'm a first year with Philosophy and Psychology double major. I have a diverse interest so I also took courses from visual arts and music. Though I'm learning subjects I've never touched before, I'm anticipating a 4.0 GPA this year. People say I'm good at explaining, so expect me to sort it all out for you! I've tutored writing for high school students for 1 year. I'm good at explaining concepts using fun and inspiring analogies and visualizing them with pictures to help you understand. Even if you really have no idea what's going on in the course, I will patiently help you systematically build your knowledge frame. Feel free to talk to me if you're interested! When I'm watching super hero shows with my little cousin, I would try to explain to him that the humans are complex beings and nobody is totally good or bad, and that things don't always turn out all right and people die. I hope he doesn't hate me.


Some hours Monday through Friday. All day Saturday and Sunday.


University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill