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Sarah T.

Las Vegas, NV


Law School Graduate LSAT score range 158-165; UNLV graduate cum laude B.A. in CRJ minor in PSY. Test prep tutoring specials.

J.D., B.A. cum laude in CRJ minor in PSY, EMT. Currently working at a law firm while pursuing a double major in PSY and aviation studies. 5 year’s tutoring experience including Rebel athlete tutoring, test prep for ACT, ASVAB, LSAT, GED. Experience working as a medic for AMR, Management Positions, and Tutoring. Participated in Debate Team, Trial Advocacy, and Law School Clinic. I was the youngest to graduate in my college class UNLV 10’ at the age of 20. Following that I received a full ride scholarship to law school and still enjoy pursing educating and keeping current on knowledge and skills through tutoring.


Appointment only Friday and Sunday 9-5.


University of Nevada-Las Vegas

Southwestern Law School