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Quenesha W.

Hey. I am a Senior in high school who passed five AP Exams in one year. In addition, I will be a sophomore this fall!!!


I will be a psychology and neuroscience major. I wish to become a clinical neuropsychologist who studies PTSD and trauma. I passed five AP Exams after having surgery two weeks before the exam season. I am the only person attending a local university as a senior! I will graduate with my AP Diploma. My GPA is a 3.6. I began tutoring my sophomore year once I passed a couple exams. I am a student ambassador, in National Honor Society, Youth Health Educator at Planned Parenthood. I have presented at four conferences discussing topics of youth reproductive rights, and trauma. I am ambitious, dedicated and I can make creative objects.


Monday, Thursday, Friday 3-8 Saturday and Sunday 10-8

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University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee