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Hey, I'm Aparna and I'm here to help you so don't hesitate to reach out to me!

Hey! I'm a first year and pre-comm as for now. I've taken AP calculus AB and BC and received a 5 on both exams. I'm interested in tutoring students in Calculus I and I'm here to really help you understand concepts and ace your tests. Message me if you're interested, I'm excited to meet you! I've had experience tutoring high school students for the past three years. I can move at whatever pace works best for you, and my main goal is to make sure you really understand the founding principles, so that moving to more advanced material becomes easier. Message me if I can help! I love swimming, traveling, and listening to music (hip hop/R&B).


I'm available in the evenings on Monday's and Thursday's. I'm also free on the weekends in the afternoon. Message me and we can definitely find a time that works well for you.


University of Virginia

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