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Wei Xiong C.

UCLA Math Major, Stats Minor with high school tutoring experience. Comfortable with Calc 1-3 material among other subjects.


Hey, I’m a rising sophomore majoring in Pure Math with a minor in Stats, and I absolutely love teaching. I’ve had some experience being a teaching assistant (unpaid, that’s how much I like it!) in my high school for SAT Math as well as a few one-to-ones in the past few years. I also have experience in competition math such as the Olympiad and was a former member of John Hopkins Center for Talented Youths program. Feel free to leave a message if you are interested, need some guidance or just want to say hi! Tutored SAT Math for 1.5 years. My strengths as a tutor mainly stem from my ability to guide students into a more intuitive understanding of the material as I strongly believe in providing students with the motivating factor on the hows and whys rather than the what. Looking forward to gain some experience and hear from you soon! Some areas of interest include: fitness & nutrition, professional gaming scene (LoL and Hearthstone in particular) and Game theory


Weekdays: available on most afternoons up till midnight Available for the entire weekend

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University of California-Los Angeles