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Ryan A.

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College Station, TX


I love physics, am a total nerd, aced physics 208! I have a lot of experience tutoring non-physics kinds of people :)

I'm a junior physics major, current 3.93 GPA, and I got high A's on all of my physics 208 tests. At the same time, I grew up tutoring my twin sister who strongly dislikes physics and upper level math, so I'm Totally cool with tutoring those who really would rather be doing anything in the universe but physics, and I understand that I'm weird. =P I tutored my sister and most of my friends in physics and math through high school, and regularly offer tutoring and homework help to friends. I have been in several mentor positions, academic and otherwise, and really enjoy helping people who are having a tough time :) More about myself: I love puns, play drumset guitar and piano, lead a church Lifegroup cause Jesus is super neat, enjoy building stuff in my spare time, am dating a wonderful accounting major named nikki, and I don't like chocolate. I hope we can get past that. I also like to cook, and am incapable of touching my toes.


Weekends are great, or fridays after 5! Weekdays get kinda hectic sometimes. I don't have a ton of time and may take some weeks off due to physics courses. It's possible to schedule times during the week on some weeks, so if you need that schedule something far enough ahead of time and we can maybe work something out!


Texas A & M University-College Station