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Samuel W.

Ames, IA


If you’ve got issues grasping what’s being thrown at you in class, or need general support in the chosen subject, I can help.

I am a graduate of Hawkeye Community College with an AAS in Natural Resource Management. I am currently a senior, and Forestry major here at Iowa State, seeking a BS in Forestry with an Ecosystem Management emphasis. My current GPA is 3.5. I’ve received numerous awards and scholarship opportunities through my continued academic achievement, but I use my knowledge and skill for learning to help others learn along with me. I have no formal tutoring experience, but have helped countless classmates and fellow employees grasp concepts that they were struggling with. In terms of field experience, I was in the Marine Corps for three years and trained a multitude of fellow Marines in certain subjects, I have worked for Iowa State University in public outreach for soul and water conservation, as well as in urban forest data collection and interpretation, I have also worked for the US Fish and Wildlife Service doing a variety of work related to my field (including report writing and data gathering) and wildlife fields. My Mom says that I’m the funniest person she’s ever met, she doesn’t know many people.


Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 12-2pm. Thursdays after 2:30pm. And weekends on request, though I typically don’t have anything scheduled.


Iowa State University

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