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Stephen S.

Madison, WI


Senior int the EMA program who tutors with the Engineering ULC. I did very well in intermediate mechanics courses and thermo.

I am a senior EMA student with a 3.4 GPA. I received an AB or higher in all classes listed. I have resources from the classes that I will use to prepare for sessions. Looking beyond the answers to what they mean is the key to understanding material, and I can effectively assist in doing so. This is my second semester as a tutor. As a student in the classes I tutor, I regularly spent time in office hours and help sessions. I am close with the professors and have contacts in the event that questions are left unanswered. Message me and we can set up a time to meet! I am quirky and outgoing with a good sense of humor. Count on bad jokes and puns that will make for an enjoyable session.


Typically available weekends, including Friday afternoon/evenings. Not available Tuesday or Thursday. Otherwise, request whenever and the worst that can happen is I decline.


University of Wisconsin-Madison

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