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Tiffany K.

Fort Myers, FL


FGCU & FSW Private Tutor and Academic Coach, Honors student with 4.0 GPA and TA experience.

Currently pursuing a degree in Medical Laboratory Science, I am a seasoned science and math tutor for non-traditional and traditional students ranging from those in middle school to those in college. I offer aid in the various subjects listed below and am able to arrange either one-on-one or group style sessions. As an academic coach, I also help equip you and/or your child with the necessary skill sets and study strategies necessary to complete courses successfully and efficiently. With around the clock support available through mobile service, I customize my approach to best fit your specific needs. It is personally rewarding to be able to share the resources and quick shortcuts to academic excellence and I would love to propel you towards your success. Schedule a tutoring session with me today to comprehend the academic material you have been struggling with and see grade improvements right away! I have taken the following courses at Florida Gulf Coast University and am able to equip you with specific study strategies, share insight on professors, and help you get to the next step - General Biology I & II, General Chemistry I & II, College Algebra, Pre-Calculus, Anatomy & Physiology, Microbiology, Organic Chemistry I & II, College Physics I, Intro to Literature, and more!


Contact me at (863) 840-4119 to discuss what dates and times work best for you!


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