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Tarek E.

Civil Engineering Major. I have a refreshing passion for math & tutoring! Have received A’s in all math course & so will you!


Hey students! I love to tutor and teach. I have a couple years of experience in tutoring and also have a 4.0 GPA in all my math courses. ACT math score - 33. SAT math score - 710. I focus on not only solving problems, but I explore the concept behind the numbers which will help during your exams. I can tutor pretty much any math course; I’ve even won math competitions before. On the other hand, I play sports, hang out with friends, and have a flexible schedule. Act/Sat math tutoring for 1 year. Calc 1 & Pre-calculus tutoring for 2 years. The majority of my work has been self employed through people I know. Something unique about me? I like math, and actually still have friends.


From December 6th to January 8th I am free whenever! Just contact me and we’ll find a date and time.

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University of South Florida