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Levi J.

College Station, TX


Stop struggling with profs too smart to understand the needs of the student. Let me bridge the gap! Got a 104 in PHYS208

Robotics major • Junior Most recent semester GPA of 4.0 Final grade of 104 in PHYS 208 Currently researching Augmented Reality training methods for orthopedic surgeons 5 years programming experience 1st place in Xilinx Race of Champions robot competition In the past, I have written semester reviews for my classmates which get used for the following semesters. I try to tutor a few people in difficult courses every semester. Let's get started! My main focus is simplifying the way professors teach. There are so many profs that haven't been in the student's seat in so many years that they treat difficult material as if it was simple. As a recent learner, I teach to suit the student's point of view. I know the shortcomings in the material, and how to break it down into easier terms. Rap Nerd. Longboarder. Recent escapee of the struggle.




Texas A & M University-College Station