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Hello, thanks for your interest in enhancing your education. Here is my experience in education: -Curriculum developer (AEA) -Lead STEM instructor (AEA) -Instructor's Assistant (College Algebra/Precalculus) -Substitute Instructor (college) -Mathematics Tutor (Developmental -->Diff EQ) -Latin learning assistant -Professor's Assistant (College Geometry/Math for Teaching majors) -3+ yrs tutoring mathematics (Dev - Diff EQ) -High school student tutoring -Developmentally disabled student tutoring -Group tutoring (Workshops) -CRLA nationally certified (Tutor) -ASVAB tutor -Praxis tutor I will help you deepen your understanding of and make you feel more confident with the material!


Monday-Thursday 4pm-9pm, Friday 9am-6pm, Saturday/Sunday 9am-6pm


University of Central Florida

Florida International University

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