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Aspen C.

Minneapolis, MN


I am want to teach anyone who want to learn! Let's work together to get you to where you want to be in you class(es)!

I graduated in 2018 with a 3.95 GPA. My Bachelor's degree is in Anthropology, where my focus has been experimental archaeology in the paleolithic. I also have a minir in Sustainability and an intense focus on Linguistics. I am currently applying to Master's programs in experimental archaeology in Europe ans am spending this year conducting a few experiments and working on publishing them in an academic journal. I have been awarded research grants for my work in sediment analysis and have had experience excavating at a Paleolithic rock shelter in Europe. I am currently planning out next field season and hoping to have the privilege to work on more sites. I have a very interdisciplinary background that I find invaluable in any educator and I look forward to being able to use my experiences to help others achieve their dreams. I have much experience tutoring students in the somewhat complicated realm of musical theory in piano, viola, violin, and cello. Everyone has a completely unique brain, set of experiences, and way of understanding the world. It is on this idea that I approach each student differently and work with them in any way necessary to have them understand sometimes abstract concepts. I also have many experiences in managerial positions which is first and foremost a teaching position, where my ability to clearly articulate ideas and tasks has been proven a great skill. I believe failure is one of the greatest experiences we can have. Every step forward I have taken began with failures that pushed me to work harder. I always want my students to know that no question is ever dumb and that no one should be defined by a failure. I'm here to help and also to have fun! I'm a total nerd. I love cats, anything about History, dark humour, Harry Potter, Tolkien, and just about any classical piece of music. It is my hope that my openness to people, places, and ideas will help anyone learn.


Monday-Thursday 5-9 Friday 2-4 Tuesday and Thursday Mornings are okay too, just check and see if that works with me! If the times listed don't work for you, it never hurts to ask!


University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

Normandale Community College

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