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Ryan W.

Amherst, MA


I have a strong background in biology and microbiology, and I'm a TA for intro biology this semester.

I'm a senior in Animal science, with a microbiology background. I have taken many courses related to biology and microbiology, and I have a strong passion for both. I have an AAS in veterinary technology, and I'm very research oriented Where I got my degree in veterinary technology I was a microbiology tutor for 2 years, and I have also worked in a lab with animals. At Umass amherst I have worked with an animal science faculty on research with a parasite, and I have a lot of lab experience I'd say I'm almost obsessed with microbiology and biology in general. I've always found them to be interesting subjects, and I love to help students who are struggling to understand the material better


I'm usually available in the afternoon and evening


University of Massachusetts-Amherst

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