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Jianyi G.

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I am an undergraduate student major in Mathematics in the University of Florida. I originally came from Shanghai, China, so I am fluent in Chinese. I got a 106 in my TOEFL test, 2160 in SAT 1, 800 in SAT2 Math2 and 770 in Chemistry. I am now taking Calc2, in the next semester I am going to take Calc 3 and Differential equation. I am always interested in teaching since my mother is a high school teacher. From previous experiences of teaching my classmates, I have always put the student’s need in priority. Lots of students who are not doing at their best simply because they need a different approach in understanding the materials, especially in math. I found it very useful to explain how each formula comes from instead of just tell the students to memorize it. Tutoring also provides extra one on one hours in practicing particular materials, which make learning more productive for the individual. I have a theory that elementary, middle, and high school students who do poorly often do not do poorly because of a lack of intellect. Rather, they do poorly because they've been told that they can't do well, they don't understand "why" they are learning what they are supposed to be, or they are distracted by the tribulations of adolescence. I believe that by teaching them how to teach themselves, they will excel. Teaching and tutoring is not only beneficial for the student, but also the best opportunity to enhance what is learned. I would love to help students who have difficulties in particular subjects.




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