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William C.

TAMU U3 physics major. Currently a student, previously a professional math tutor.


TAMU Physics major, U3 (junior), 3.8 gpa in mathematics courses, previous experience as a professional math tutor for The Victoria College. SAT math-660, ACT math-29. Two years tutoring experience. One year as NHS tutor during senior year in high school, tutoring math. One year as a student tutor for The Victoria College during my sophomore year of college, tutoring mathematics. Specifically College Algebra, Precalculus, Trigonometry, Calculus 1, and Calculus 2. Moved to Texas from Idaho to pursue a degree in physics.


Tuesday, Thursday -> 2pm - 8pm. Saturday, Sunday -> 2pm - 6pm. Monday, Wednesday, Friday -> Possible Availability 1:30pm - 8pm

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Texas A & M University-College Station