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Zac H.

I’m a senior anthropology major, and I’ve aced every anthro course I have been in! my schedule is open and eager to help out!


My name is Zac! I’m a senior here at Mississippi State, and I’m studying Anthropology with a focus on bio archaeology. I’ve got a 3.7 gpa in anthropology courses. I’m also a member of the anthropology honors club Lambda Alpha. Currently working on my Bachelors with aspirations to get a Masters. I’ve tutored anthropology course material before and I’m eager to help anyone that thinks they are struggling with the material. I’ve tutored in high school and junior college in different history and anatomy courses. I also have in field experience with archaeology. I try to simplify things as much as possible and find the most effective way to teach certain concepts.


Every weekday after 5:00 except for Thursday. I’m available on Thursday after 7:30 or 8:00

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Mississippi State University

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