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Zach G.

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I'm a pure mathematics major going into my 5th year in the Burnett Honors College, CAMP-YES research program, and have been a TA since my freshman year for the following courses: MAC1105: College Algebra (1 semester) MAC1140: Pre-Calculus (1 semester) MAC1114: Trigonometry (1 semester) MAC2233: Concepts of Calculus (2 semesters) STA2310: Statistics I (2 semesters) MAC2311(H): Calculus I (3 semesters) MAC2312(H): Calculus II (3 semesters) MAC2313(H): Calculus III (2 semesters) MAP2302: Differential Equations (2 semesters) MAS3105: Matrix Linear Algebra (1 semester)


For the summer, I'm available primarily on the weekends, Friday to Sunday. However, if that doesn't work with you maybe we could find some compatible time for Monday to Thursday.


University of Central Florida

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