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Anna C.

Looking for a former President of a Tutoring Club? Need help with classes from someone who's done it before? Look no further!


Hey! I'm an Animal Science major with a passion for animals and writing. I am a sophomore with a pretty high GPA ;) I'd love to work with animals in the future and come from an extensive background of peer tutoring and I was the president of my school tutoring group for two years. I did well on the SATs and several AP tests and would be happy to give my thoughts on those. In addition, I have extensive experience with editing writing as well as tutoring it, through not only the college school paper, The Cynic, but also from two individual writing awards given to me over my four years of high school. I look forward to helping you out! Tutor for most of high school and now looking to get back into it in college. I've been editing writing privately for several years. My whole goal is to be able to work with farm animals in the future!


I am available at various times, and any time upon request. Mondays and Tuesdays work best for me, but let me know if something else works.

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University of Vermont