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Ady T.

Philadelphia, PA


GPA- 3.8, Double Majoring in Civil and Architectural Engineering Performed above expectations in Math courses and Chemistry.

My majors at Drexel University involve Civil and Architectural Engineering, and I’ve been maintaining a GPA of 3.8. In my tests and quizzes, I usually score above 90s. I’ve been tutoring my peers and students for many years now, starting in early years of high school and continuing into college. In the past, I’ve also worked in summer camps tutoring and fostering relationships among children. I am patient with students, I understand if someone is struggling with some concepts. I, myself have been stuck in similar situations of confusion and would be patient and supportive throughout the progress of understanding a certain concept. I will use different examples and methods to explain the topic


Usually after 6 pm or on weekends


Drexel University