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I'm a research assistant with a focus on differential calculus - my background is econ with a math minor. TA for Quant 2.


I'm a undergraduate student with senior standing studying economics with a mathematics minor - I have a focus in research and education, hoping to go to a graduate program sometime in the future. My goal is to make abstract and rigorous concepts easier for the public to grasp. 2 years of job training experience, specifically educating employees on nonprofit regulation and registrations, I occasionally tutored economics at irregular intervals in the past 3 years, and have TAd for Intermediate Micro with Dr. Guldi. I currently TA for Quantitative Business Tools II with Prof. Buhagiar. If you bring up synthetic economies, it's possible you won't learn anything about what you came for but you'll learn a lot about something new! (A small note, if you're taking economics with Jack Chambless, I am one of the few who had a 95+ for all his tests - I also managed to get a B+ on Caputo's Math Econ)


Message me and we should be able to figure something out. Earlier appointment is better! Get $5/hr off if you pay cash!

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University of Central Florida

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