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Alby M.

Norman, OK


I'm a math major. I also have over nine years of CS experience, including programming in almost every major language.

Hi! My name is Alby, and I'm a second-year math major here at OU. I love math and applying it, and am always happy to have the chance to share that with others. Math is full of processes that can seem mysterious, but if you understand the underlying structure and concepts, suddenly remembering and applying the steps becomes much simpler. I think and hope that I can help you not just with individual problems and questions but also with gaining a deeper understand, which is the key to really succeeding in math. I have over nine years of experience in CS, both theoretical and practical. I've programmed in almost every major language, including C/C++, Python, Ruby, JavaScript, Objective-C, shell, and many others, for almost every platform, including Linux, Mac, UNIX, iOS, web, and supercomputers. I have also done/am doing research in computational biochemistry, computational materials science, computational biology, and atmospheric sciences. I've formally tutored at a middle and high school level, and have repeatedly been responsible for verbally and orally presenting extremely complex research projects and their background concepts to lay and unfamiliar audiences. I also play drumset -- jazz, funk, rock, you name it -- and I'm always down to jam 🥁


I'm often available during the day MW and most evenings, especially TWR. Drop me a line


University of Oklahoma

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