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Angelica O.

Senior Criminal Justice major, Dean's and Chancelor lists. 2 years of tutoring experience. Speaker of fluid spanish. 3.76 GPA


Hi, I'm a senior in Criminal Justice major. I'm from Colombia so i speak fluid spanish. My cumulative GPA is 3.76 and I been in the Dean's and Chancellor's list from 3 years consecutively (I'm looking for the forth one) . I'm also a student athelte playing tennis for my University. I love to help others to understand concepts and makoe their own way through difficult classes. Also I love teaching more about my own language and culture in my country. So give me a try, text me and let me know what you need help with, I'll be more than happy to help you I'm being a tutor from 2 years, even tho it doesn't look like too much time I have been tutoring others people in my country in the same subjects. My "full time job" is being a tennis player so I get how people feel when they can't do something. Also i been teaching people how to play tennis and i had to come with fun ideas of how to teach to different kind of people Like i was saying i am an athlete, and also i am a big fan of traveling around the world, and thanks to being a tennis player i had the oportunity to travel inside and outside my home country. I traveled to France and Spain this summer and i am trying to keep traveling as long as i live.


Saturday and sunday all days, monday through friday from 9 to 11 pm

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