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Biology Major. 3.94 GPA. Peer mentor for those pursuing biology degree. Can also help with any dialogue courses.

Hi! My name is Allie. I’m a senior pursuing a medical career in forensic pathology. I currently hold a 3.94 GPA. I can help you pass your difficult courses in biology. I am a peer mentor for students starting out in their biology major. I meet with students in group sessions weekly. I can also help any major pass their required dialogues classes. Math and writing are my strengths. As a fourth year student, I’m familiar with most biology professors’ exam styles. My experience can be of great help in passing your courses. I am from Pompano Beach, Florida and I love the beach. As a local, you could ask me any questions about the South Florida area.

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Varies - Message me the times you are available. I will gladly try to work with your schedule.


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