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I am a biology major in my 4 th year. My favorite subject is synthetic biology. I hope to help you understand science better.


I am a fourth year Pre-Med Biology Major. I am minoring in health disparities. I have received A's in both Chem 1 and Chem2. I have worked in research labs since I have been a freshman. I have tutored in high-school and have tutored Chem1 . I am involved in pre- health society called AED, worked with chemistry outreach, TA for x-lab( and have taken the course), and been a mentor through chemistry outreach. I have been involved with research since my first year, so I understand the practical aspects of science. I think the best way to learning is to teach. I work in a Biochemistry Lab at the moment and the best way to learn is through mistakes and fixing those mistakes. Working in research has taught me the value of repetition and persistence.



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