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Andrew T.

Charlottesville, VA


I have tutored over 4 years, super friendly. I'm from Texas travelled around, have a car and can meet anywhere almost anytime

TA for all Intro and Gen Physics courses and labs, founded 2 tutoring clubs, tutored for 4 years. 3.95 GPA Physics and Math double major. Love foreign languages, German and Spanish. Love helping people, especially with physics and calculus where people feel so lost because through years of tutoring and TAing, I have learned a lot of ways to simplify seemingly complex problems. 4 years as tutor, 1 full year as TA and grader for 4 different courses. Construction for a summer, worked at the observatory and did research there. Extremely passionate about math and physics but very understanding as I have had many years tutoring students and understand their plight. I am a huge nerd, but only below the surface. Not because I am ashamed of it, just because of my personality and perhaps physical appearance. I love skateboarding, running, rugby, football, soccer, surfing, everything. I am extremely sociable and perhaps not what anyone pictures when they think physics or math major. Hope to hear from you guys!


Practically anytime on weekends, I am an early bird and I stay up late. I do go running around 9am usually. Weekdays time is more limited, generally 7-10pm works best. Or possibly in between classes. Let me know if you have questions, I'll do my best to work around my schedule so we can work through it. Also, I will respond to emails, texts, facetimes, etc at any time i'm not in class.


University of Virginia